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Hey there all you beautiful people!

This guide is an Ariana inspired workout guide! Ariana is really fit herself, and she embraces what was given to her so i’m here to help you be a better you! Keep in mind this isn’t about not eating or losing an unhealthy amount of weight, this is about enhancing what you already have! :) 

Below are videos on how to do the exercise! Do these exercises while listening to ‘Put Your Hearts Up’ by Ariana!




  • How to do Push-Ups
  • Lift 2lb dumbbells, if you don’t have any you can use 2 cans of food. (Canned corn, canned spaghetti, etc.) Do 2 Sets of 10, which in total will be 20. 


  • How to do Squats
  • Take a 20 minute walk outside! Walking is great for toning all parts of the body!

You can do these exercises as many days as you would like ‘til you reach your desired results! Don’t forget to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water! 

Good Luck!


Ariana Grande Fitness Fun Facts

1.  She loves to do elliptical workouts to Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars music.

2.  Hiking is her new favorite hobby. “I jog up to the Hollywood sign every weekend. It’s fun and what a view!” Grande says.

3.  She uses dance rehearsals as her cardio workout.  “Nothing burns more calories than dancing in 5-inch heels…try it!” she says.

4.  She meditates on a daily basis.  “Meditation is a great way to keep my body well-centered while juggling shooting schedules and recording sessions,” the adorable star says.

5. She gets tons of exercise chasing her puppy around her backyard. “Coco loves it and so do I!” the fit female says.

6. She thinks coconut water is the best drink in the world.  “I always have a bottle next to me,” Grande says.

7. Salmon is her favorite healthy dinner.  “I eat it practically every day,” the actress and singer reveals. “It’s high in Omega 3s and is great lean protein.”

8. Madonna is her fitness role model. “She is an incredibly fit and inspiring icon,” Grande says.

9. Almonds and cashews keep her energized. “They make great healthy snacks to keep me energized throughout my day!” she says.

10. Her fitness philosophy includes all things healthy. “Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise daily, and meditate!” Grande reveals.

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This month’s workout challenge! I designed these workouts to have an easy to follow, super effective layout. You start with 5 minutes of light cardio to get warmed up and ready. Then you do 3 cycles of 5 focused strength moves to target that day’s muscle groups. I chose and ordered them to alternate between higher and lower heart-rate-boosting exercises to get your best workout (and give you a rest when you’ll need it!) all the while building strength, increasing endurance, and toning muscles.

I consider the stretch day to be a rest day but you can choose to add a true resting day as well as to add whatever cardio you want! Remember cardio is what burns fat so if that’s your goal do about 20 minutes of additional cardio 3-4 days per week. Finally I highly recommend taking your workout outside whenever possible! The weather is finally getting gorgeous so enjoy it! :)

I hope this plan helps you get motivated, strong, & on track to whatever your fitness goals are this month!

For more at home workout ideas go here. :)

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